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Home Regular or Ongoing cleaning

Spring Clean

We can Tailor a cleaning service that suit your needs in both frequency and the tasks that need to be completed.
we include cleaning and can also offer some additional housekeeping services such as ironing, washing and folding clothes and changing beds
We specialist in Spring and Deep Cleaning, Cleaning all the places hard to reach or the details you don´t have time to do. We clean from top to bottom with a big focus on removing dust and dirt which accumalte in a house on lamps, fans, walls, skirting, windows frame and sills, etc.
Includes full clean of kitchen, bathrooms and all rooms in your home
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Offices or Commercial Clean

Windows clean

We provide a professional cleaning services for offices or commercial. Can be arranged after hours or weekends We can arrange a Professional windows cleaning to suit your requirements inside only including clining windows frames or inside (incluiding frames) and Outside wharever possible to reach
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Carpet Cleaner

Exit clean or Move in/out

Carpet Cleaning is after a requierement by landlords for and exit or move out clean and we can arrange for both to be carried out on the dame day.
We can also arrange to freshen up the carpets in your own home as part of a spring clean or on it´s own
We can return your property to landlord or owner in great condition. Ensure you get your bond back quickly and good tenant reference.
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Pre-sale cleaning

Builder Clean

A detailed cleaning of all areas of your house or property to have it sparkling and presented in the best way before your open homes A Detailed cleaning of all areas of the property with particular focus or removing dust from building work

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