Eco Products – Euro Cloth

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We work with the company Euro-Cloth which has  over the years has become the leading commercial microfibre cloth in the market due to the quality and performance of the fibre used. An important quality of the Euro-cloth is that cleaning and wiping are performed in the same movement with the cloth damp which makes it unique to other cloths.

We use this product to be extra careful with your Plasma, LCD or LED television screen, mirrors. In addition Ideal for cleaning all surfaces in your home and kitchen. Euro-use the damp cloth to clean your house and the kitchen appliances, stainless steel, glass, mirrors, granite and / or marble countertops, all the bright reflective surfaces. Fast and effective cleaning free of chemicals.


Ecostore is a principles-based company. We think everyone hasa right to know exactly what’s in the products they use everyday and whether or not they could be harmful to our health. That’s why we go above and beyond legal requirements by listing every ingredient on our product labels and why you can count on them to deliver on its promise.

  • •ecostore products are:
  • •Healthier for you.
  • •Safer for our environment.
  • •Packaged in the best materials available.
  • •Labelled with a full list of ingredients.
  • •Guaranteed to give excellent results.
  • •Concentrated to save you money.
  • •Not tested on animals.
  • •GE Free.